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2012 ISUZU
3 Towers
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Race Results
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2011 Race Report
This is the winning report that won a free entry to this years 3 Towers stage race.
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Photos Taken by
Mervyn Duffield Photography.
Tel: 074 459 4834
Email: mervynduffield@gmail.com

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Volume 3 - Issue 5 - Oct/Nov 2011
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Race Results
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Isuzu 3 Towers Stage Race >>
2009 or 2010 >> and so fourth

Race Results
Watch the videos

View the photo gallery
Look for: Events & races >>
Isuzu 3 Towers Stage Race >>
2009 or 2010 >> and so fourth

Race Review.
by Pieter Rossouw: WINNER!!!
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3 Towers Stage Race


Day 1 Race Profile: 75km

Day 2 Race Profile: 78km

Day 3 Race Profile: 55km

Entries will open to, last year’s participants: 20th Feb.
& Then to everyone else, from the 1st Mar.


Click here to view the elevations profile


Day 1 Challenge Profile: 50km (profile)

Day 1 Challenge Profile: 50km (profile)

Day 3 Challenge Profile: 55km (profile)

Entries will open to, last year’s participants: 20th Feb.
& Then to everyone else, from the 1st Mar.


Click here to view the elevations profile


A note from your hosts: Mark and Geoff...

No this is not a news-letter to say, that Day 1’s elevation is wrong!! Hope you have packed your gear and you’re ready to rock!

A couple of things:

Family Camping/Supporters

We are receiving a million booking requests, for “supporters/family” camping. Bookings closed on the 31st of August.

We would love to accommodate everyone, but unfortunately we have to cap the number of people using the facilities.

Please note: If you have not made a booking for your family/supporters then they will not be allowed, to camp at Mankele. Please avoid unnecessary disappointment and make alternative arrangements ASAP. (Alternative camping: Natures Gate 013 755 6173)

Meal Vouchers

The meal voucher bookings closed on the 31st of August. The caterers have done their shopping and are ready to feed the masses!!

If you have not bought any meal vouchers for your squeeze, then don’t stress. Sarah’s Coffee shop makes super cool food.

Isuzu 3 Towers

Geoff & I are big time family men! We always try our best, for you (rider) and your family to have a good experience at 3T.

Keeping this in mind, remember that the main focus is and must always be the “RIDE”.

Supporters must respect the riders at all times. From showers, meals to a quiet race village. This is one of the toughest events. Which means we will have a lot of grumpy exhausted sportsmen, trying to chill out after a hard day’s ride. Please keep them in mind at all times!!


All the standard trails are closed!! Only the 3T heroes are allowed to rip up the courses. Guys you have not seen anything yet. If you don’t like single track, then you are in some serious trouble!!!

See you Thursday & travel safely,

Event Description and Details:

Man we can’t wait! Everything’s booked & now all we can do, is wait for you to arrive.

It is so close I can smell it! Without being too confident, this is going to be the BEST Isuzu 3 Towers ever! Entries filled up quickly this year and things are looking awesome for this year’s race. Mountain biking rocks! Believe it or not, but Day 3 is going to be even better than ever before.

Ok, lets slow down a little & get the other stuff, out of the way first. I hope your training is on track and you have started tapering already! If not then don’t worry, I have a couple of tips for you.

6 Steps to “Milking” it big time!!

Step 1: Pull away as fast as you can, so that the family can see you on the TV footage in front of your partner. When the leaders pull away, then only… can you pull over to the side and get rid of your breakfast.

Step 2: Play the sympathy card to your partner, so that he pulls/pushes you up the climbs. As soon as you see the single track, you dig deep and klap all the lekker sections as fast as you can.

Step 3: Make sure you ride in front of your mate in the single track, so that the family thinks you are a Rock Star.

Step 4: When you start climbing again, you must tell your partner that you are so impressed with his strength…. he will push you more, because he feels like a machine.

Step 5: Tell everyone that your partner is not as strong as you and you could of done much better, with a stronger partner.

Step 6: Find a new partner, for next year to “Milk”.

Ok so the fitness is not an issue anymore and you & mate is still on talking terms (at the moment) so what to bring:


  • We supply the tent and 2 x mattresses only.
  • Please bring at least one sleeping bag, per team. (what happens on tour, stays on tour).
  • Pillow and teddy or special blanky
  • Torch (head lamp)
  • Shower stuff (soap on a rope, is so last year)
  • Towel (white, will go home: brown).
  • Swimming costume (Speedo’s did not make the cut at the Olympics, for a good reason).
  • Coffee money, for those full of it Coffee connoisseurs.
  • Bike repair money.
  • Most importantly, your bike, helmet and shoes. -
    All the other stuff is just luxuries.

Ok, let’s get into the most important stuff: THE TRAIL!!

Mr. Nature (Geoff) and I found a new spot, for some amazing single track. This means Day 1 & Day 3, will have some seriously cool changes.

Contour single track that goes on, forever & ever! This new piece of single track has the most astonishing view, that’s if you can look up and take your eyes off the track.

So the entries are full & the trails look amazing.

Which means that it is now up to you, to make your ride even better. The fitter you are, the flatter the mountains!!

Get on your bike and make it happen. We have heard & used all the excuses, not to go out into the cold. But when you hit Sudwala’s switch backs & you have nothing in the tank, to enjoy the best bit of riding….. you will be kicking your own lazy butt!!

  Food & Briefing/ Prize giving


  • Registration from 15:00: Goody bags & number boards.
  • Tents will be up, so grab a tent from Thursday night.
  • Supper: Served from 18:00. All participant meals are included from Thursday night.
  • Race Briefing @ 19:00, Video’s, tips how not to fall & how to be on TV. Then go sleep & dream of what is to come!!


  • Race Starts @ 7:00, Challenge 7:30.
  • Ride, wash bike, shower, eat, chill.
  • Prize giving 18:00. Try sleep and dream, of what happened the day!!


  • Race Starts @ 7:00, Challenge 7:30.
  • Ride, wash bike, shower, eat, chill.
  • Prize giving 18:00. Try sleep and try understand, why the race is nearly finished!


  • Race Starts @ 7:00, Challenge 7:30.
  • Celebrate your finish, take a picture & eat a burger.
  • Prize giving will be at 13:00. Please feel free to stay, the Sunday night in the tents.

Non Riders and/or Teams

“I am riding the race. Can my wife, kids, mother-in-law & dog come with?”

We are also family men, so feel free to bring your families with - please leave the dog & mother-in-law though!

Please note: The family members that  you can’t leave at home, are welcome to come camp at Mankele. They will have to book with Christelle (no booking, no entry).

For the dudes that want to stay outside the race village, with their family in their own tents/campers are welcome to do so.

Last year we had a number of supporters/ families staying at Mankele. This is all super cool, but we must respect the “Race”. I believe it works & will keep working, as long as we take the race into consideration.  Riders have right of way with everything, from showers to meals!!

Dudes with the big caravans please do not overload the power supply. I know you paid 1 million dollars for the air-con, DSTV, washing machine, tumble dryer…. but if the electricity is dead, so is the food supply!!!

Supporter’s got to book for camping before the time, as the camp site is limited.

Riders are welcome to stay with their sweetie pies, in their private tents (outside the race village). Only families/supporters will be charged for camping.

Supporter’s meals, must be pre booked through Christelle. No booking = no meal.

We cater according to a specific number. So if you do not have an armband or a meal voucher, then you will go hungry! Ok not quite hungry, Sarah’s coffee shop will be open & they make flippen lekker food!

The Coffee dude will be here again, so bring some extra bucks if you are into fancy coffee’s (roadies).




Back to the track, we have made changes to Day1 & Day 3’s finishes. More importantly you will only climb the Old Sabie climb once this year!!!

My advice to my wife every year, before the awesome event is: work on you fitness & strength, but get a couple cool technical rides in. Just to sharpen those skills again, so that you can enjoy all the lekker trails. This trails are looking super fast & they are in very good condition. So come and klap it as hard & as fast, as you can!

Now for the tender legs, Sarah-Jane and her crew of strong handed ladies: will be sorting out those sore legs.

Book before the time: if you don’t want to wait & loose out, on chill out time: 082 858 7653 

In 2009 our title sponsor Westvaal, put 2 teams together for the race. This year they have entered 9 teams!

This is a good example, of how the sport is growing. Big up to Westvaal, for all their support to mountain biking & our race.

Talking about sponsors, The Sports Basement has sponsored 2 x 29ers & 12 pairs of shoes. They will be up for grabs, at the Saturday (6th October) night’s prize giving. They are also offering some amazing prices on Lake shoes. (Isuzu 3 Towers entrants gets additional discount)


Community Involvement

Children in Distress is the main community
beneficiary of the Isuzu 3 Towers. More Info >>